Wooden cap

Wooden caps have recently become very popular among perfume vendors.


Pendants for eau de toilette , bows for gift. Our decorations are individually tailored to the customer’s product.

Aromat cap

A new product in our offer is “Aromat cap”, with a special opening for scent sticks.


A new cap for men’s eau de toilette . Its interesting shape emphasizes the unique character of the product.

Individual designs

We offer making moulds for Clients who come to us with their own designs and the production of details with exclusive rights. Modern design tools and 3D printing streamline the process of implementation of new ideas. Our specialists and equipment that we use during production of molds ensure a sense of security for our customers and services at the highest level.

We invite you to submit queries at biuro@dolowy.com.pl.  We will analyze the production capabilities and select the appropriate tooling together.