Wooden cap

Wooden caps have recently become very popular among perfume vendors.


Pendants for eau de toilette , bows for gift. Our decorations are individually tailored to the customer’s product.

Aromat cap

A new product in our offer is “Aromat cap”, with a special opening for scent sticks.


A new cap for men’s eau de toilette . Its interesting shape emphasizes the unique character of the product.

About us


We have been manufacturing plastic elements for nearly 30 years. It is a time of continuous development for us. We started with two semi-automatic machines and we had a small plant. However, we were quickly appreciated by customers. We have received more and more orders and together with them we have had more and more injection molding machines, workers and new ideas for further development.

Today, we work on the most modern machines - mainly Arburgach. We process most types of raw materials mainly: PP, ABS, PS, PE, SURLYN. Our standard offer includes over 100 patterns of caps and screw caps. We strive to expand the list of available products regularly. For customers who are looking for unique solutions, we suggest creating own design by them by creating a new injection mold.